ACoRN Visitors Travel Fellowships

The ACoRN Visitors Travel Fellowships are intended for recognised International researchers to visit ACoRN researchers and research groups for longer periods of time. The travel fellowships are enabling grants, providing the seed funding to leverage further support from other sources.

To be eligible to apply for an ACoRN visitors travel fellowship to support an international visitor, the applicant must be a staff member at an ACoRN member organisation, and be registered as an individual ACoRN member. To be registered, the applicant must be in the ACoRN online database and must have signed the ACoRN Register of Participants form on file with the Local ACoRN Representative.

Financial Support

A limited number of visitors travel fellowships are available, so it is likely that not all requests for funding will be supported. Funding decisions will be made based on the preferences detailed below.

A maximum of $6,000 can be granted with a visitors travel fellowship. For applicants from ARC eligible ACoRN member organisations, the fellowship will be funded 25% by pledged funding from the member organisation and 75% by central ACoRN funding. For non-ARC eligible organisations, the fellowship will be funded exclusively by pledged funding from the member organisation. For further details on how these funding applications are processed see the ACoRN Procedure for Funding Applications.

An application must include a budget of expenses for which support is being requested.

Support is granted based on the following condition. Within two week of completion of the visit, the successful applicant must submit a report to the ACoRN network administrator containing an account of the technical research outcome of the visit. The account of the technical research outcome will be included in the ACoRN annual report.

Selection Preferences

Applications meeting the priorities listed below will be given preference. Applications that do not meet one or more of the priorities below will also be considered. Preference will be given to:

  • Visits of 6 weeks or more (shorter visits may be considered, pro rata);
  • Visits involving joint collaboration with two or more ACoRN member organisations (if possible in different states);
  • Visits establishing new collaborative links of strategic importance;
  • Visits aiming at inter-disciplinary research collaboration.

Application Procedure

The first fields are straight forward – host name; host organisation; date of visit

The next field is entitled Purpose of visit. This is where you justify the purpose of your visit

Who is the visitor

What do they do – what common research areas do you have

How does this relate to your current research.

The next field, Objectives.

What are the objectives of the visit

What do expect to gain from the visit

What has been agreed upon with the host

The next field Plan for Visit. For a productive visit it is important to have a focussed plan.

What is the plan for the visit

Have all parties agreed to the research plan

Will they be visiting any other organisation as part of the visit

Budget. Prepare a complete budget. Include:



Other travel expenses (specify what they are)

Funds requested

How much is requested from ACoRN

Other sources of funding

ACoRN funding is intended to leverage other sources of funding. The limits of Visitors Travel Fellowship grants are $6000.00 for a visit of six weeks. This can be pro-rata for shorter visits.

Use the following online application form to apply.

ACoRN Visitor Travel FellowshipApply Now...

See the ACoRN Procedure for Funding Applications for more details regarding the application process.

Fellowships are part of the ACoRN Researcher Mobility Program