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General Information

Project Title: Optimal Waveform Design and Compensation Techniques for Non Linear
Investigators: James Schroeder, Langford White, Mark Rice and Sanjeev Naguleswaran.
Date: 2002 - 2004.
Project Type: Formal


Client: ARC Linkage
Funded Amount: 135270

General Information

Distortion effects in satellite amplifiers have a serious impact upon communication system performance, for example, by increasing the error rates. The research study we are proposing involves analysing these distortion causing non linear effects and designing techniques to compensate for them. Although we are initially interested in the nonlinear satellite channel, we intend the results to be extended to other difficult nonlinear channels such as will be present in future 3G and 4G mobile communication systems. The proposed research will place Australia at the forefront of cutting edge Information Technology and Communications research

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Communications Theory; Signal Processing; Channel Modeling;
Application Areas: