Project Details

General Information

Project Title: Adaptive Transmitters in Wireless Communication Networks
Investigators: Predrag Rapajic and Victor Solo.
Date: 2003 - 2006.
Project Type: Formal


Client: ARC Linkage
Funded Amount: 138000

General Information

The mobile Internet requires at least an order of magnitude larger data rate to be delivered to the mobile user rather then from the mobile user. This high level of capacity asymmetry is a challenge for current cellular mobile systems being designed for duplex telephony with equal capacity from and to the mobile user. In this project an adaptive transmitter-receiver algorithm is proposed. The algorithm will provide a significant capacity increase of the future mobile Internet and wireless local area networks (LANs). The project addresses optimum protocols for the mobile channel resource allocation in conjunction to the optimum transmitter-receiver design.

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Communications Theory; Wireless Access;
Application Areas: