Project Details

General Information

Project Title: Intelligent resource allocation techniques for next generation wireless communication networks
Investigators: Kutluyil Dogancay, Lakhmi Jain, Jamil Khan, Anant Mahajan and Maxim Chitayev.
Date: March 2002 - March 2005 -
Project Type: Formal


Client: ARC Linkage
Funded Amount: 85000

General Information

The project will develop radio and network resource allocation techniques to maximise network utilisation and to offer guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for multimedia traffic in 3G/4G wireless mobile communication networks. In particular, this work will study the problem of radio channel allocation in wireless IP (Internet protocol) multimedia networks. The project will develop resource allocation algorithms based on traffic conditions, link qualities and service requirements using statistical traffic models, mobile software agents and neural network techniques.

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Wireless Access; Ad Hoc Networks;
Application Areas: