Project Details

General Information

Project Title: P_MUL forward error control study
Investigators: Julija Tovirac and Sylvie Perreau.
Date: 1 May 2003 - 1 April 2004.
Project Type: Formal


Client: DSTO
Funded Amount: 89000

General Information

P_MUL is a multicast protocol adopted by the australian defence force. Multicast in the context of HF channels is faced to the problem of high bit error rates. Therefore, the use of FEC seems like a natural idea to overcome the loss of data without the burden of unnecessary retransmissions. Similarly, ARQ can improve the performance of P_MUL by selecting which data packets to retransmit. In this project, we study the performance improvments brought out by hybrid schemes combining FEC with ARQ in the context of reliable multicast.

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Error Control Coding;
Application Areas: