Project Details

General Information

Project Title: System Theoretical Aspects of Spatial Signal Processing
Investigators: Thushara Abhayapala and Rodney Kennedy.
Date: 2003 - 2005.
Project Type: Formal


Client: ARC Discovery
Funded Amount: 162000

General Information

The aims of the project is to gain better understanding of spatial characteristics of wireless communication channels; and to apply spatial signal processing theory to design receivers for wireless systems. The expected outcomes of the projects are new system theory for spatial signal processing, a new spatial model to characterize wireless communication channels, categorize a relationship between scattering environment antenna spacing and multi-element antenna system capacity, and novel use of multiple antennas to improve the performance of wireless systems. Success in this investigation could have wide applications in the development of future mobile and fixed wireless communication systems.

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Wireless Access; Channel Modeling;
Application Areas: