Project Details

General Information

Project Title: Advanced space-time coded multiuser wireless communications via test-bed development
Investigators: Brett Ninness, Steven Weller, Chris Nicol and Linda Davis.
Date: 1 January 2002 - 31 December 2004.
Project Type: Formal


Client: ARC Linkage
Funded Amount: 192000

General Information

This research project involves the design and construction of a flexible multi-user space-time coded wireless communication system. Its purpose is to enable experimental research, development and evaluation of new techniques to deliver advanced next-generation systems. As background to this project, the societal impact of mobile communications and computing is significant and clear. It is evidenced, for example, by the exploding popularity of cellular phones, pagers, and laptop computers. This is combined with the rapid growth in demand for Internet access, and interactive services to the home. Current wireless communications systems offer acceptable performance for transmission of voice and simple digital data such as e-mail and paging services. However, they cannot adequately support the higher data rates required by the graphics-rich multimedia applications of next-generation services such as video conferencing. The key to realizing these needs, and delivering them in a flexible means to mobile and rural users, is the development of radio systems supporting high data rates. Unfortunately, the wireless channel suffers from manifold vagaries brought on by the reflective, time varying, and interference aspects of the propagation medium. These pose formidable challenges to high-speed wireless communications. This project will conduct research aimed at surmounting these challenges. New technologies currently attracting worldwide research excitement will be employed. A key theme will be to address how these various new methods might actually be implemented in a manner that recognises the real world tradeoffs imposed by the needs of portability, robustness, cost and accessibility.

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas: Signal Processing; Signal Processing;
Application Areas: