Researcher Information - Professor Robert Williamson

Personal Details

Name Professor Robert C Williamson
Affiliation ANU Dept. of Information Engineering
Research School of Information Sciences & Engineering
Australian National University National ICT Australia
Contact Details Canberra, ACT
Phone: + 61 2 6125 0079
Fax: + 61 2 6125 8623
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Prof. Williamson received the B.E. degree from the Queensland Institute of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, in 1984, and the M.Eng.Sc. (1986) and Ph.D. (1990) degrees from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, all in electrical engineering. Since 1990, he has been at the Australian National University where he is a Professor in the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering. He is the Director of the Canberra node of National ICT Australia, a member of the Australian Research Council's Expert Advisory Committee on Mathematics, Information, and Communications Sciences and is on the editorial boards of JMLR and JMLG. His scientific interests include signal processing and machine learning.

Linkages and Collaboration


Project1 Active2
Langford White, Robert Williamson and Ian Fuss.
Dynamic Planning, Optimsation and Learning