Researcher Information - Dr Stephen Bartlett

Personal Details

Name Dr Stephen D Bartlett
Affiliation University of Sydney
Contact Details School of Physics, University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW
Phone: (02) 9351 3169
Fax: (02) 9351 7726
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Dr. Stephen Bartlett is currently a lecturer in the School of Physics, University of Sydney, leading the Quantum Information Theory group. He obtained is Ph.D. in physics at the University of Toronto in 2000. The focus of his doctoral work was the application of group theoretical methods to physics, and to problems of quantization in particular. He began investigating theoretical quantum information and quantum optics at Macquarie University as a post-doc, continuing this research as a lecturer at the University of Queensland in 2003-2004. His current interests include applications of mathematical physics to problems in quantum optics and quantum information.


Project1 Active2
Stephen Bartlett.
Optical realisations of continuous-variable quantum information

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas Information Theory; Quantum Communications;
Application Areas Optical Networks;