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Name ICT Centre
Contact Details NSW


The CSIRO ICT Centre signals a new level of focus from CSIRO on Information and Communication Technologies and a single point of contact for technologists, customers and research partners with an ICT interest.

The Centre contributes to powering Australia to compete in global ICT innovation, applying research results to challenges across all industry sectors, both internationally and in Australia.

The Centre builds on CSIRO's history of ICT achievements in fields ranging from communications (for example the patented physics underpinning high speed wireless LANs) to information systems (for example the world-first framework for capturing and permanently preserving electronic records).


The Centre has six major research themes

  • Information Superiority
  • Wireless Futures
  • High Performance Networks
  • E-Science
  • E-Health
  • Electromagnetic Information and Intelligent Systems


Chen, Zhuo
Collings, Iain B
Elkashlan, Maged
Guo, Jay
McKay, Matthew Robert
Tang, Zhongwei

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