Organisation Details* - NICTA WSP

Name Wireless Signal Processing
National ICT Australia
Contact Details NICTA Wireless Signal Processing Program
Locked Bag 8001
Canberra ACT 2601
Phone: 02 6125 8800
Fax: 02 6125 8623


The NICTA Wireless Signal Processing Program is one of several programs within NICTA and was founded in 2003. The Program has employees in both Sydney and Canberra Nodes of NICTA with the majority of employees based in Canberra.


Providing high rate digital data to small mobile terminals at low cost and long battery life is the paradigm application for Wireless Signal Processing. To provide such an application demands the development of new theory and advanced tools directed at physical layer wireless communications. Research activities within the Program include study of fundamental performance limitations of wireless telecommunications systems, Information Theory related to wireless communication, multiple antenna systems (eg. MIMO systems), multiuser systems and multi-access technologies, adaptive algorithms for equalization, timing recovery and decoding, coding for wireless channels, wireless and mobile channel modelling and confluence of wireless physical layer communications with packet based network layers.


NICTA Wireless Signal Processing is funded through NICTA in block research and competitive Projects.


The education activities of NICTA Wireless Signal Processing focus on supervision of PhD research students and provision of graduate coursework materials. Graduate courses are provided to NICTA and external students.

Areas of Expertise

Research Areas Communications Theory; Signal Processing; Channel Modeling; Information Theory; Wireless Access;
Application Areas Wireless Data Communications; Broadband Communications; Mobile Communications;
Keywords: Wireless Communication, Signal Processing


Chen, Ying
Hanlen, Leif Whyte
Krusevac, Zarko
Luo, Lin
Ngo, Nghia Hieu
Pollock, Tony S
Reed, Mark C
Reid, Mark D
Shepherd, David Peter
Shi, Zhenning
Skellern, David
Smith, David Burton
Timo, Roy Clinton
Widdup, Benjamin
Yuan, Xiang
Zhang, Jian Andrew

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