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Matthew Peacock, Iain Collings and Michael Honig. Asymptotic Analysis of LMMSE Multiuser Receivers for Multi-Signature Multi-Carrier CDMA in Rayleigh Fading. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2004.

This paper considers a Multi-Carrier (MC) CDMA system where each user employs multiple signatures. The receiver is linear and minimizes the mean square error of the data estimate. Both multiple user and single user systems are considered, as well as single and multiple signatures per user. In each case, an asymptotic analysis is used to derive the output Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR) as a function of the system loading, the noise power, and the fading properties of the channel. Asymptotic in this case means that the number of independent subcarriers and number of signatures per user each tends to infinity with fixed ratio. The associated BER is evaluated for BPSK symbols. Simulations show that the asymptotic SINRs and BERs derived in each case are accurate for realistic finite systems.

Research Areas: Wireless Access; Information Theory;

Application Areas: Mobile Communications; Wireless Data Communications;