ACoRN Procedure for Payment of Grants

ACoRN Grants are intended to support ACoRN members to attend international and domestic events such as conferences, workshops, schools and provide visiting opportunities for joint collaboration. To be eligible to receive an ACoRN grant, the applicant must be at an ACoRN member organisation, and be registered as an individual ACoRN member. To be registered, the applicant must be in the ACoRN online database and must have signed the ACoRN Register of Participants form on file with the Local ACoRN Representative.

Grants will be funded 50% by pledged funding from the member organisation and 50% by central ACoRN funding. For non-ARC eligible organisations, the grant will be funded exclusively by pledged funding from the member organisation. For further details on how these funding applications are processed see the ACoRN Procedure for Funding Applications.

Where possible pledged ACoRN funds should be held in a separate cost centre, to maintain auditable records for reporting purposes.

Payment of Grants

  • ACoRN advises the Local ACoRN Representative by email once a grant is approved. The amount of the grant and any conditions are clearly stated in the approval letter.
  • It is the responsibility of the Local ACoRN Representative to advise the finance section of their organisation of the approval of the grant.
  • The organisation receiving the grant must follow its own internal policies for booking and paying for travel.
  • The organisation receiving the grant must follow its own internal policies for reimbursement of funds. This includes receipts for travel, accommodation, conference fees etc. being submitted by the ACoRN member to the local finance person for reimbursement. The local finance person will retain all receipts for audit purposes.
  • Once the travel/event is complete a final costing of the trip is determined based on incurred expenses. ACoRN will only reimburse up to the maximum amount of the grant. Any extra expense needs to be covered by the member and/or the organisation.
  • The organisations finance person will raise an invoice to ACoRN for 50% of the total expenses, which must not exceed the total of the approved grant The remaining 50% is to be drawn from the organisations pledged funds.
  • The invoice should detail the name of the person receiving the grant and the nature of the grant; eg - John Brown ACoRN Spring School 12th – 16th September 2005 The invoice should be addressed to UniSA, ACoRN Administration, SPRI Building, Mawson Lakes Campus, MAWSON LAKES SA 5095

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