ACoRN Procedure for Funding Applications

The funding principle in ACoRN is based on dollar-for-dollar funding between pledged funds from participating organisations and central ARC funds.

The funding procedure for an ACoRN member to be successfully granted financial support for any of the ACoRN programs is as follows:

  1. The ACoRN member completes the appropriate online ACoRN application form;
  2. The application form is automatically forwarded to the ACoRN Network Administrator who will check the application and the organisations budget before forwarding the application to the Local ACoRN representative for recommendation.
  3. The local representative endorses the application and returns it to the ACoRN Network Administrator;
  4. The ACoRN Network Administrator forwards the application to the relevant ACoRN program leaders for approval;
  5. The ACoRN program leaders report approval back to the ACoRN Network Administrator, who in turn informs the local representative of the outcome of the application;
  6. Following the event in question, the ACoRN member submits a request for reimbursement for actual expenses up to the maximum amount approved through normal local university/organisation procedures;
  7. The local university/organisation reimburses the ACoRN member and subsequently invoices ACoRN for 50% of incurred expenses. The invoice must detail the expenses against the approved funding application

Finance officers and local representatives at ACoRN partner organisations also need to consider the ACoRN Procedure for Payment of Grants for further details relating to the above procedure.

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