ACoRN Members Area

The ACoRN Members area provides a way of viewing the ACoRN Members and allows potential new members to join ACoRN. Members can log in to change their member profile and take advantage of further ACoRN Member features.

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This limited search facility allows you to find other ACoRN Members or even to find your own details.

Join ACoRN

To be a full member of ACoRN you need to be associated with an organisation that is part of the ACoRN network and actively involved in research, in the areas of telecommunications.

Use the list of Local ACoRN Representatives to see if your organisation is a member or use the Online Application Form to see if you organisation is listed as an ACoRN Organisation.

Individuals not part of ACoRN organisations are still encouraged to complete the application process and may be granted a special ACoRN membership, but will not be eligible for ACoRN funding grants. Members of NEWCOM will be considered special members of ACoRN.

Your application will then be processed by your Local ACoRN Representative and passed onto the ACoRN administration. ACoRN members are required to sign the Register (RTF), to verify that they have been informed about ARC policies regarding Ethics, Intellectual Property and Acknowledgement of ARC financial assistance, as well as the provisions of the Funding Agreement. You will be notified by ACoRN administration of the outcome of you application.

Application Form

Complete the following online ACoRN Membership Application form.

If you have any difficulties with the application form or any other queries please contact ACoRN administration.