"Introduction to Internet Engineering" Tutorial
By Professor Lang White

January 31st 2006

To take full advantage of the AusCTW, ACoRN is conducting a 1 day tutorial on Tuesday 31st January. The tutorial will be free of charge. To reserve your place at the tutorial simply email your details to Christine.Thursby@unisa.edu.au

This tutorial considers the design and operation of the main layer 3 (IP) and layer 4 ( TCP /UDP) protocols in the internet. In the first part, we review the structure of internet addressing, routing protocols and shortest path algorithms including asynchronous Bellman-Ford and Dijkstra's algorithms. In the second part, we consider the operation of TCP with a particular focus on congestion management. We consider the design of congestion avoidance algorithms from a feedback control perspective.

The tutorial is suitable for those with a basic knowledge of signal processing and control who are unfamiliar with the design concepts and operation of TCP /IP networks.

Tutorial Outline: Download ausctw06_iie_outline.pdf (21Kb)
Location: WATRI seminar room
39 Fairway, Crawley WA 6009
For a map see:
Date/Time: 31st January 2006
10.00am to 4.00pm
Cost: Free
Registration: Email your details to Christine.Thursby@unisa.edu.au