ACoRN Digital Signal Processing for Optical Communications Workshop

Monash University, 27-28 September 2007

In the last decade the availability of powerful low cost digital signal processing (DSP) hardware has transformed wired and wireless communications. The same transformation is about to occur in optical communications and Australia is already at the forefront of a number of important research areas.

This workshop is aimed at both industry and academia and is suitable both for those working in optical communications and those working on wired and wireless communications.

The workshop will have three main themes:

  • Current challenges in optical communications: an overview of optical fiber and optical wireless communications and the different theoretical and practical problems they present.
  • DSP hardware and software: Programmable DSPs/ FPGAs/ custom chips – what is available? What is easy to do? What is hard to do? How should you judge whether algorithms are practical or not? Experts from industry and universities will describe the current state of the art.
  • Recent research in optical communications. The ever increasing demand for bandwidth means that there is a push to increase data rates on existing optical infrastructure. As a result there has been an explosion in research on new modulation formats and new control processes for optical communications. A range of leading Australian and international researchers will present overviews of their recent work.

Speakers will include:

  • Sander Jansen, KDDI R&D Labs, Tokyo
  • Simon Brewer, Engineering Manager, Analog Devices Australia
  • Jean Armstrong, Monash University
  • Arthur Lowery, Monash University
  • Andrew Price, Monash University
  • Stan Skafidas, NICTA.
  • Peter Farrell, University of Melbourne
  • Peter Dower, University of Melbourne
  • Bill Shieh, University of Melbourne

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