ACoRN Sources of Funding Support

ACoRN is mainly supported by the Australian Research Council through the ARC Research Networks Program. ACoRN has been awarded $1.5M over five years by the ARC, providing an annual funding of $300K.

In addition to the ARC funding, member organisations have also pledged funding in support of the ACoRN activities. Pledged funds of $1.2M over fives years have been committed, providing additional annual funding of $240K and bringing the total annual funding to $540K.

The sources of funding support have been listed below.

Sources of Funding Support

State Organisation
Federal Australian Research Council
ACT Australian National University
National ICT Australia Wireless Signal Processing Program
New South Wales LSI Corporation
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ICT Centre
National ICT Australia Networks and Pervasive Computing Systems Program
University of Newcastle
University of New South Wales
University of Sydney
University of Wollongong
Queensland University of Queensland
South Australia University of Adelaide
University of South Australia
Victoria Monash University
University of Melbourne
Victoria University of Technology
Western Australia Western Australian Telecommunications Research Institute