ACoRN Knowledge Management Systems Program

The knowledge management systems program has established an advanced system of knowledge management through the ACoRN web site. Activities include a news letter, internal review processes, bulletin boards, active information portal, and efforts encouraging the use of information and communications technologies for establishing a virtual presence across geographical boundaries, strengthening the sense of community. The program contains a public relations component, reaching out to the general public, aiming to showcase Australian research capabilities domestically and internationally.

The main priority for the program is to create an efficient and functional ACoRN web information portal. Other activities are the ACoRN Newsletter, Webcast of seminars. For more information about the activities, please follow the links below.

Questions can be directed to the Executive Board members responsible for this program, Prof. Lang White and Prof. Alex Grant.

ACoRN Web Information Portal

The website you are looking at right now is part of the ACoRN Knowledge Management Systems Program. This current website was based on the initial bid for the ACoRN Network and is continually being upgraded to ensure optimum information and functionality for members and the various administrative processes.

The web site will serve as a common platform for various types of information to be exchanged within the network: common databases, postings of events such as conference/seminar/visitors calendars, the ACoRN news letters etc. The web site also acts as a portal towards the scientific and general communities. This will provide a window towards the world, promoting Australian excellence in telecommunications. Through proper public web pages, the community will be kept updated with ACoRN activities and events, the ACoRN newsletter, open visiting positions, public domain papers and conference presentations, etc.

ACoRN Newsletter

The bi-monthly ACoRN newsletter distributes non-technical information and news items. The news letters is located on the ACoRN web site with notices of new issues being distributed via email according to a subscription list. The newsletter contains information such as conference/workshop announcements, vacant positions, scholarships, seminars, short courses, general ACoRN announcements, management announcements, etc. At the Newsletter page you can find out about subscribing or viewing current and past newsletters.