ACoRN Programs and Activities

In order to accomplish the Mission of ACoRN and achieve its objectives, four programs of activities are supported:

These programs are supported with the intention of directly addressing the mission statement and the strategic objectives.

Researcher Mobility

The mobility program offers domestic and international visiting opportunities for researchers within the ACoRN network, opportunities for domestic internships in collaboration with industry, and visiting opportunities for relevant international researchers to work within ACoRN. It will also initiate an a alumni society for expatriate Australians.

National and International Workshops and Conferences

The national and international workshops and conferences program offers a forum for organising national and international technical meetings in terms of international conferences and workshops held in Australia, bi-lateral workshops with relevant organisations/nations, and industry workshops.

Postgraduate Education

The postgraduate educations program offers domestic and international visiting opportunities as well as domestic industry internships for students within ACoRN. In addition, opportunities for postgraduates to attend relevant course work network-wide is provided through coordination of course work schedules, institutional agreements and coordination of student mobility. Summer/Winter schools will also be offered, covering important disciplinary, interdisciplinary or thematic subjects.

Knowledge Management Systems

The knowledge management program will establish an advanced system of knowledge management through the ACoRN web site. Activities include a news letter, internal review processes, electronic journals for pre-prints, and efforts encouraging the use of information and communications technologies for establishing a virtual presence across geographical boundaries, strengthening the sense of community. The program contains a public relations component, reaching out to the general public, aiming to showcase Australian research capabilities domestically and internationally.