ACoRN Mission and Objectives

ACoRN Mission Statement

Building on a strong platform of existing research excellence, the mission of the ARC Communications Research Network is to deliver benefits to the Australian telecommunications community, facilitating a healthy and sustainable collaborative research environment, and a culture of excellence that crosses disciplinary, organisational, institutional and geographical boundaries.

ACoRN Strategic Objectives

The ARC Communications Research Network will

  • Promote a culture of research excellence across the network;
  • Initiate open exchange of pre-competitive information and sharing of resources;
  • Develop and implement coherent and integrated research plans among researchers working on topics of common interest;
  • Inspire promising new interdisciplinary research themes, focussed on National Priority Areas;
  • Nurture the careers of Young Investigators and research students, promoting a sense of community, collaboration and a culture of effective mentoring;
  • Instigate, encourage and support Young Investigators in positions of research leadership;
  • Facilitate links with end users such as telecommunications industries, government, and the broader community.